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Added-Dimensions is a 3-D photography service. We take the photos and process the images into 3-D format; you use the 3-D images for special events, advertising, promotions and mementos. CLICK HERE for Sample 3-D Images

Added-Dimensions provides you with the means to create a suitable package for your needs to view 3-D images. Some of these options are: folding pocket viewer, cardboard pop-up viewer, iPhone/iPod viewer,  3-D compatible TV's and monitors, Viewmaster reel viewer, Victorian era Holmes viewer, projection, and red/cyan prints or image files.
CLICK HERE for Sample 3-D Viewers

Victorian era wood pedestal Holmes-style
stereo viewer with "Classic" view card

Why 3-D?

Because you want your customers to experience the full dimension of your product (e.g.,
travel, resorts, lodging/B&B, golf course/community, real estate, architechture, transportation, theme parks/rides,  historical buildings/artifacts, museum/art pieces, automobiles, vehicles, hobbies, sports, sculpture/artwork, etc.)

The process:
        * Photo shoot using specially designed equipment (dual synchronized cameras)
        * Computer aided image processing into 3-D format
        * Image selection (decide which images best suit your needs)

How it works for you:       
3-D  brings greater dimensionality to images and creates more interest, thereby engaging potential customers. 3-D is a powerful visual medium which holds a viewer's attention longer and, in turn, results in a higher product image retention.

About Added-Dimensions:
Nick Brienza brings more than 40 years experience in photography and award winning 3-D photographs.

Questions or comments:
email address:    nbrienza@verizon.net
phone:               410-599-0504